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Ilknak is producing and marketing a large variety of premium Mediterranean farmed fish that is delivered globally and high-quality juveniles of sea bass and sea bream. Ilknak is vertically integrated so you are buying directly from the source which is a key point of differentiation from other companies. Our hatcheries, farms and packaging plant offer complete traceability, control, and efficiency from source to you. This means a consistent, dependable supply of high quality fish at competitive prices year - round. Our developed through Genetic Selection Program Juveniles are guaranteed to optimize the performance of your farms. Reared under the strictest quality standards and offer fresher quality our fish can meet the demands of our most discerning customers. Ilknak hatcheries, farms, and packaging plant are certified according to the standards of BRC, IFS, Global GAP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and OHSAS 18001. With over 20 years of expertise in the fish farming industry and sectoral knowledge, you can depend on us for top quality juveniles and fresh fish in a full range of sizes and packaging options.
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We Welcome You to Our Stand at; Hall 9 Stand 4072

Awarded İlknak Aquaculture participating world’s largest seafood trade event which organizing at 24-26 April 2018; Brussels Seafood EXPO 2018. - Read More

3 Stars Awarded Ilknak Corporate Video

Ilknak receive awards for sea bream, bass at the 2017 Superior Taste Award.

Ilknak's Breeding Program

Since April 2017 ILKNAK S.A. has started collaborating with Prof Batargias Costas of the Fisheries & Aquaculture Technology Dept, TEI of Western Greece for the implementation of a successful long term breeding program. - Read More


Global delivery

Our products are distributed by Miramar and can be delivered globally. We can accommodate various shipping preferences. Please contact us for shipping details.


Ilknak implements a continuously evolving Integrated Management System for all of its business, environmental, occupational health and safety functions.


For Ilknak and Miramar sustainability means operating a business that is friendly to the environment, beneficial to the society and viable economically.


Ilknak runs a full traceability system that covers the full production process from juveniles to marketing.

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